Don't Resort to Brute Force

Dealing with a broken printer is frustrating. The next time that you feel like breaking out the baseball bat to fix your copier's jam, give Guaranteed Ink a call. Our knowledgeable staff will have you back in business in no time, with your sanity intact.

Printer Repair

Printer or Copier Down? Don't Fret.

When a printer or copier malfunctions in the middle of a job, the results can be detrimental to your business and your customers. You need to know that you have a partner who has the knowledge to keep your printers in top shape.

We offer free repair of your HP, Canon, or Lexmark laser printer for as long as your purchase your toner or ink from us. You only pay the cost of the parts. Combined with our low prices on toner and ink, Guaranteed Ink makes sure that you are satisfied with your service and our products.

A broken printer should never bring your business to a halt. Guaranteed Ink makes sure that your printers are top performers in your company so they never slow you down. With fast response times and years of experience with both laser and inkjet printer repair, Guaranteed Ink is the best choice for printer repair and maintenance.

Have a printer problem? Avoid the headache of endless troubleshooting and call Guaranteed Ink to problem solve and get your printer back in its best condition. We understand that your company’s printers are one of your most important investments, so we make repairing them easy and cost effective.